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Updating Your 211 Record

Watch how to update your listing!


Please follow these instructions if you are unsure 
how to update or review your agency's 211 profile.

Step 1: Search for your organization, by name, using the search boxes on the 211Central main page.

211 Central Search Form



Step 2: If you have more than one location or offer a range of services you will find several listings. Each must be reviewed.

Search Listings example



Step 3: Click on your organization name. You can review the page that opens to see the details 211 currently has for your Agency and/or Program.

Can't Find Your Listing?: If your new service or agency doesn't have a listing please send us an outline using our New Listing Suggestion page and we will get back to you with next steps. All new listings have to fit within our Inclusion Policy.



Step 4: Near the bottom of your Agency/Program page you will see an "Update this Listing" link. Click this link to submit changes or to let us know that no changes are required.

Update Link above the Map example



Step 5: Review the Update form to find the information you want to change. You can type over any existing content or leave all the content the same (if no changes are required). You have 30 minutes to update the form before you would need to reload the page.



Step 6: In the About You section you must provide an email, name and phone number so that we can verify the updates.  You will also have to do the quick "security check" that helps us keep out automated (spam) updates.

About You fields



Step 7:  Press the "Submit Updates" button (even if there are no changes) to let us know you have reviewed your information. You will get an automated email confirming your submission.


Note:  Changes you send are not immediately displayed. Your suggested changes will be reviewed, verified and approved by a 211 data editor. Once your changes are approved 211 will send  an email to notify you.


Thanks for updating your records!
Up-to-date information is the foundation for quality referrals.