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Instructions to Update your 211 Record - City of Toronto Real Estate Inventory Pilot

Watch how to Update your Listing!

Step by Step Instructions

Please follow these instructions if you received an email request to update your agency's 211 profile.

Step 1

After you click on the link in the email you received from 211 you will be taken to our new update page. Please ensure you have your information ready to update your profile.

Step 2

How do you update your 211 Record?

In our new system, your 211 record is divided into 3 sections:

  • AGENCY: General information about the organization
  • SITE: Specific information about the main location and its satellite offices, if any
  • PROGRAM: Specific information about services or the range of services offered

You will be presented with 3 forms to review for each section, possibly additional forms if you have more than one location ("Site") or offer several distinct set of services ("Program"). Your must review each of them.

Note: You might have the same "Name" for your Agency, Site and Program sections if you only have one Program listed with 211.

Step 3

You will be presented with 3 forms to review for each section, possibly additional forms if you have more than one location ("Site") or offer several distinct set of services ("Program").

There is a form for you fill out with your name and email. Enter that information and press the "Proceed to the next step" button.

Step 4

Be aware of what section you are reviewing: Agency, Site or Program. The Yellow highlighting in the top-left corner helps you know which section you are on.

Step 5

Review existing information and change anything that needs updating.

Note: You can skip a section and move on if you don't have the right information yet. Don't enter any changes unless your are sure you will finish the update before moving on to the next page. "Skipping" doesn't save any data you might have entered.

Once you are done with a section you can press the "Save changes to this record and continue" button.

When the page reloads, you will be placed onto the next section. Sections already verified will be tagged by a red "DONE".

Step 6

Review all sections and enter or change any information you want updated.

Remember, review the information at the top of the page if you are unsure about what type of information goes where:

  • AGENCY: general information on organization, such as mission, contact, executives, funding
  • SITE: specific information on location(s), such as physical address, intersection, accessibility
  • PROGRAM: specific information on services, such as description, eligibility, application, hours

If you are still unsure, you can leave your comments in the "Additional Notes" field at the bottom of each section.

Press the "Save changes to this record and continue" button if you are satisfied with your changes. Or if you need more time press the "Skip for now and do later" button (don't enter any information in the section you are skipping, it will be lost).

Step 7

Finish any sections you skipped. Go back to the original "Verify" link we emailed you. You could also bookmark the update page when you first start updating.

You will see this message when you have "Saved" all changes for each section.


Changes you send are not immediately displayed. Your suggested changes will be reviewed, verified and approved by a 211 data editor. Once your changes are approved 211 will send  an email to notify you.

Thanks for updating your records!
Up-to-date information is the foundation for quality referrals.