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Family Service Toronto

Family Service Toronto
Temporarily located at 128A Sterling Rd due to renovation at Church St location
128A Sterling Rd Suite 202, Toronto, ON M6R 2B7
Toronto Downtown West
Service Access Unit 416-595-9618 ; Office 416-595-9230
Service Access Unit 416-977-2860 ; Office 416-595-0242
Brian Porter, Director, Technology and Communications
Mon-Fri 9 am-5 pm * evening appointments available
Anyone living or working in City of Toronto, regardless of age, cultural background, race or sexual orientation, including children * particularly individuals and families with low incomes in need * Partner Assault Response -- offenders 18 years and older, ordered by the court to attend the program in response to a criminal charge involving domestic violence
Individual and group counselling, walk-in counselling, information and referral services to individuals and families
* specialized services for LGBTQ community, individuals with HIV/AIDS, individuals with developmental disabilities, seniors (including seniors experiencing abuse), sexual abuse survivors, women experiencing abuse, male perpetrators of abuse, separating and divorcing families
* advocacy, education, research and community development

Counselling and Support for Individuals, Couples and Families -- counselling and educational programs for those seeking support in dealing with relationships and family problems, parenting, depression, anxiety, job loss, separation, divorce and new relationships, sexual abuse and childhood trauma, life transitions and other issues
* Violence Against Women Program
* counselling for male survivors of sexual abuse -- member agency for Support Services Network for Male Survivors in Ontario (central region)
* social reform, public education and advocacy

Families in Transition 416-585-9151 -- planned brief interventions with focus on supporting child adjustment to parental separation, divorce and remarriage
* individual and family counselling, educational programs, support groups, mediation of parenting plans
* training and consultation for professionals working with changing families

Growing Up Healthy Downtown (see separate entry) -- for children birth-6 years

Individual and Group Counselling for Women in Abusive Relationships -- individual and group counselling for women who have experienced partner abuse, multilingual services available
* crisis intervention
* programs for children who have witnessed partner abuse

Next Steps Program for Men -- group counselling for men who are or have been abusive to their partners
* alternatives to abusive behaviour, communication skills

Partner Assault Response (PAR) -- 12 week group education and counselling program on domestic violence and non-abusive ways of resolving conflict
* victims/partners of the offender provided with support including safety planning, referrals to community resources, and information on offender's progress

Seniors and Caregivers Support -- individual counselling, group programs, support groups and practical assistance to help older adults 60 years and older, and those with disabilities 50 years and older, deal with abusive relationships, difficult medical conditions (such as Alzheimer Disease, stroke, depression), cope with change and loss, explore housing alternatives, access community support programs, or other issues
* Caregiver Programs -- individual counselling, support groups, workshops and discussion groups on issues including dealing with stress, accessing community services, coping with change and loss
* Virtual Caregivers Support Groups (via Internet)
* Pat's Place -- short term accommodation for one senior facing abuse, maximum stay 60 days
* Elder Abuse Consultation Team 416-586-9780 ext 422 -- provides support to professionals in the field

Call for information on services available at Unison Health and Community Services, Bathurst-Finch Hub, 540 Finch Ave, and Working Women Community Centre, Victoria Park Hub, 1527 Victoria Park Ave, 2nd Fl -- see separate entries
Call Service Access Unit 416-595-9618 to discuss available programs and arrange appointment * Partner Assault Response -- call to schedule an intake/assessment meeting
English; Italian; Spanish; Hungarian; Portuguese; Somali; Hindi; Chinese (Mandarin); Farsi; Tamil; Chinese (Cantonese); Edo - Not all languages available for all programs
Geared to income * some services free * Partner Assault Response -- sliding scale
Wheelchair accessible automatic main entrance; Easy access to elevator; Barrier-free washroom including door and stall; Designated parking at entrance - Most other community locations wheelchair accessible - call for details
Non Profit; Registered Charity
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Family Service Toronto
Address: 128A Sterling Rd Suite 202, Toronto, ON M6R 2B7;
Phone: Service Access Unit 416-595-9618 ; Office 416-595-9230