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Addiction Services for York Region. Aurora Office

Addiction Services for York Region. Aurora Office
Satellite offices in Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan and Keswick * Opioid treatment locations North York, Keswick, Aurora, Thornhill
14785 Yonge St Suite 210, Aurora, ON L4G 1N1
905-841-7007 * 1-800-263-2288
1-800-263-2288 (within York Region)
Reyana Lalani, ph:416-577-8755
Allan Hoyle, Board Chair
Office Mon, Fri 9 am-5 pm, Tue-Thu 9 am-8 pm * Intake Mon-Tue 9 am-5 pm, Wed-Thu 9 am-7 pm, Fri 9 am-4:30 pm
Individuals and families needing assistance with: substance abuse/misuse issues; problem gambling; community withdrawal management; concurrent disorders (serious mental health and substance use); after care for substance abuse/misuse * specialized programs for youth, families, women

Housing First program -- 16 and older, homeless or precariously housed, living with addiction with no formal diagnosis
Addiction assessment and out-patient treatment services offering family-focused assessment and treatment for persons who misuse alcohol or prescription medication and support for associated physical and mental health issues
* opioid treatment clinics

Additions Supportive Housing Program -- Affordable housing for individuals to stabilize and work to re-establish connections with the community
* independent apartment living with independent living skills training
* for ages 18 and older living or planning to live in York Region

Adult Substance Use Program -- Support to individuals who struggle with substance (alcohol and/or drug) use or dependence issues

Back on Track program -- Education program for people convicted of an impaired driving offence or have had two or more roadside suspensions in the Warn Range (BAC between .05 and .08)
* registration contact Ontario's Remedial Measures Program for Impaired Drivers Phone: 416-595-6593 or toll free 1-888-814-5831

Bridges to Moms Program -- Offers support for pregnant and or parenting women who struggle with substance use
* contact Bridges to Moms Counsellor 905-806-0389,

Community Opioid Treatment Program -- Substitution treatment, counselling and support, nursing care, mindfulness, acupuncture and education supports

Community Outreach Program -- Supports the recovery, health and well-being of individuals or families who identify with substance use and/or gambling issues, who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, in need, isolated, are vulnerable, under represented or who are unable to access traditional programs of treatment

Community Withdrawal Management Services Program -- Provides professional, non-medical counselling services to clients experiencing substance dependence, who have a goal of abstinence
* help create a safe withdrawal plan

Concurrent Disorders Program -- Helps develop tools and support in order to minimize or cope with the symptoms of mental health disorders and work toward substance use goals

Court Diversion and Court Support Program -- Re-directs individuals from the criminal justice system to appropriate addiction and mental health services

Housing First Program -- Provides support to individuals experiencing homelessness and living with addiction or addiction with presenting symptoms of mental health disorders in the absence of a formal diagnosis

Problem Gambling Program -- Support individuals who struggle with gambling issues
* client-centred approach which motivates and empowers clients to take charge of their recovery, to help clients reduce their engagement in problem gambling, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Umbrellas Problem -- Supports pregnant and parenting women (with children up to 8 years old) involved with alcohol and/or drugs

Youth and Family Program -- Supports young people between the ages of 12 and 24, and their families and parents, who want to make changes connected with drug or alcohol use
By appointment only - all appointments must be booked through the main Aurora office for any branch location * offers appointments for free, confidential assessments, counselling, information, support, and referrals to other community resources

Housing First program -- self or professional referral call for more information
Back on Track program -- to register phone 416-595-6593 or toll free 1-800-814-5831 or or
Opioid treatment and programs -- phone Intake 905-841-7007 ext 322 or 1-800-263-2288 ext 322
- Accessibility may vary at each location * contact for details
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Addiction Services for York Region. Aurora Office
Address: 14785 Yonge St Suite 210, Aurora, ON L4G 1N1;
Phone: 905-841-7007