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Search Tips

Search Tips

You have two options for searching the database:

Find Services

In the keyword search box, type one or more words, a short phrase, or an organization or program name. More help with Find Services

Find Services by Topic

Click any of the pictograms on the home page (Health Care for example) to see a list of available categories. Clicking on a category will trigger a carefully prepared search that will gather all services related to that category.

Other Tips

Help - Improving Search Results

Help - Viewing Search Results


Step 1:   Enter search word(s) - (Required)

In the main keyword search box, type one or more words, a short phrase, or an organization or program name.  This will search through all the organization/program names and the indexing of the services.  (The general text or descriptions in listings is not searched.)

If you enter women employment, for example, you will get results that include both the words women and employment.

To search an exact phrase, such as ‘’women employment’’, enclose the words within double quotation marks.  This will give you results where the words appear exactly in the order that you type them.

You can also search ‘’by truncation’’ (wildcard).  For example entering wom* (with an asterisk) will give you results with either ‘’woman’’ or ‘’women’’.

Step 2: Specify a location - (Required)

In the second search box, to limit or order the results according to a location or area, you can:

Ø  Enter your street address, or a postal code.

The results of your search will be sorted by their proximity to what you entered (the services closest to you will appear at the top of the list).  You can checkmark the ‘’Remember this location’’ box to keep this as your default location.

Ø  Enter a community. 

Ø  Findhelp uses its own grid of 15 areas covering the City of Toronto. You can see a full reference map of those areas here. Any of the following values can be entered.  (Once you start typing, prompts will appear and you will be able to choose from a drop-down list.)  Results will be limited to organizations or programs located in the selected area.

Toronto (City of)

East York

City of York


                                                Etobicoke Central

                                                Etobicoke North

                                                Etobicoke South

North York

                                                North York Centre

                                                North York East

                                                North York West)


                                                Scarborough Centre

                                                Scarborough North

                                                Scarborough South


                                                Toronto Central

                                                Toronto East

                                                Toronto North

                                                 Toronto West


No results, or too few results?

  • Make sure your search terms are spelled correctly.
  • Try entering fewer or simpler search terms.
  • Try more general search terms. For example search for Children, rather than Boys or Girls.
  • Try using a singular or plural version of the terms instead. For example, search for Food Banks rather than Food Bank.
  • If you are searching for an exact phrase, try removing the quotation marks (" ") for a general search instead.
  • Truncate any search term but placing an asterisk (*) after the first few letters of a word. This is a useful way to capture variants of a word. For example, searching for wom* will find both woman and women.

Too many results?

  • Be as specific as you can. Try using more words to refine your search. For example, search for youth employment rather than just employment.
  • Use quotation marks to specify an exact phrase, for example "youth employment" rather than just youth employment.

If you need more assistance in getting the search results you need, please contact us.


Sorting of Results

If you specified a location in your search, the organizations and programs will be listed in their order of proximity to that location (with the distance listed in the Proximity column).

If you did not specify a location, the services will be listed in the order of their proximity to the City of Toronto’s downtown.


By switching from the ‘’List’’ tab to the ‘’Map’’ tab in your search results, you can see where services are located, either by map or by satellite view.  To see a rotatable photo of the street location, click on the small blue balloon.

Viewing Listings

For more details on any organization or program, click on the name to see its complete profile.

Service Areas

Note that many organizations must limit the services they provide to clients in a specific area.  If so, that is specified in the listing.

Keep in mind that agencies may serve many communities beyond the one in which they are located. If you are in Etobicoke, for example, you may be eligible for services located in other parts of the City of Toronto.

Updating Information

If you discover any information in the listings that is incorrect or incomplete, please let us know by clicking the ‘Update this listing’ button at the bottom of any profile.  This will send a message directly to our research team, who will verify and correct the information.