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NOTE: Services may be impacted in response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Please contact this service prior to visiting in person to receive up to date information on their service (eg. wait times, hours of operation etc…).


Search Tips

Find Services

In the first box at the top of the page, you can enter a type of service, for example food banks or youth employment, an agency or a program name such as Red Cross or LEAP, or any sort of keyword or short phrase.

Try to be specific, or use unique words related to the topic.  Common words such as ‘service’, ‘support’ or ‘help’ may give you results that are too broad.

In the second box, enter:

  • a postal code (M4V 1K6 for example)
  • a street address (1 Yonge St)
  • or any community (Brampton, or Scarborough North)

See the reference maps for the community names best used for searching in the 211 system. Enter any name from either map -- for example Durham Region, Brampton, Georgina, Toronto Downtown East, Etobicoke North or North York. Many smaller communities are also searchable. 

You can checkmark the ‘’Remember this location’’ box to keep this as your default location.

Then click “Go” to trigger the search.

Find Services by Topic

Click on any pictogram for a type of service you are looking for, for example Health care or Food.

You will then usually see a menu of sub-topics. Click one of those, for example Community health centres, to trigger the search.

To see the services for a particular community, click on Sort by community over the right-hand column, which will sort the results alphabetically by community.

Browse search results

After any search, you will see a list of results, each with the organization/program’s name, address and website link. To see the full 211 listing, click on the organization/program name.

If you searched with a postal code or a street address, you will see the results are listed by proximity to that code or address.


  • Above the search results, you will see a choice for ‘List’ or ‘Map’. Click ‘Map’ to display the page of results visually.

If you searched with a community name, or by a topic icon, you will see the results are listed alphabetically by organization/program name.


  • To re-sort the list by community name, click on Sort by community over the right-hand column.
  • Above the search results, you will see a choice for ‘List’ or ‘Map’. Click ‘Map’ to display the page of results visually.
  • Also above the search results, you will see a choice for ‘Show results located in my community’ or ‘Show results serving my community’.  If you want more choices, click ‘serving my community’ to include services that are based outside your community, but whose service area includes your community.

Browse service listings

Click on the first search result to see the full 211 listing.

Note the Next button on the upper right of the listing. Click ‘Next’ to jump to the next records in the search results.

If the listing includes a street address, a Google map is included at the bottom of the listing. For help with navigating Google maps, visit

If you are aware of incorrect or outdated information in the listing, please click Update this listing at the bottom of the page to alert us.

Extra search tips

  • Try entering fewer or simpler search terms.
  • Try more general search terms. For example search for Children, rather than Boys or Girls.
  • Try using a singular or plural version of the terms instead. For example, search for Food Banks rather than Food Bank.
  • You can “truncate” any search term by placing an asterisk (*) after the first few letters of a word. For example, searching for wom* will find both woman and women.

Too many results?

  • Be as specific as you can. Try using more words to refine your search. For example, search for youth employment rather than just employment.
  • Use quotation marks to specify an exact phrase, for example "youth employment" will get more specific results than youth employment.

If you need more assistance in getting the search results you need, please contact us.