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Black Youth Helpline

Black Youth Helpline
Black Youth Helpline, 7 Sheffield Dr, Toronto, ON M6M 3E5
Etobicoke North
Olga Semple, Chairperson
Greater Toronto Area
Helpline -- Mon-Fri 9 am-9 pm * appointment necessary for in person meetings
Open to all youth with a focus on youth considered at-risk * culturally appropriate supports and services for Black youth with complex needs
Youth situation assessment, coaching, guidance and support
* ongoing support from community professionals
* referral navigation support
* stay-in-school program including assistance to youth and school staff to address multicultural challenges
* culturally relevant community-based support for youth involved in the justice system

Meeting locations vary
Call or email for appointment
Not Applicable
Non Profit; Registered Charity
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Black Youth Helpline
Phone: 416-285-9944